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Children and Spirituality

All Pilgrims has partnered with a local independent bookseller, Ada’s Technical Books, owned by Danielle Hulton, a member of All Pilgrims.  Although Ada’s specializes in technical books, you may order any title through them and receive an All Pilgrims member discount of 10% when using the coupon code ALLPILGRIMS.  Books can be mailed to you or picked up at Ada’s which is located two blocks from the church. To order, visit or follow any provided links.

Select the link to get more information or to purchase the book at Ada’s Technical Books.

Berryman, Jerome, and Stewart, Sonja. Young Children and Worship. A foundational book for our children’s program Worship and Wonder, written by the co-founders of Godly Play.

Berryman, Jerome  The Complete Guide to Godly Play.  Volume 1 How to Lead Godly Play Lessons, Volume 2 14 Presentations for Fall, Volume 3, 20 Presentations for Winter, Vol. 4 20 Presentations for Spring

Berryman, Jerome Godly Play Parent Pages  Fall, Winter, Spring

Godly Play Books at Ada’s